Urugoli Media1st Oct 2022

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7 steps a person should take to be successful

By Basanda Ns Oswald There are 7 steps a person must take to be able to wake up, be sober, and no longer be a burden

Urugoli Media14th Mar 2021

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Professional career: He has reached the 770 official goal

The last few weeks were filled with news and stats considering me the World’s Top Scorer in football history, overcoming Pelé’s 757 official goals. Although I’m thankful for that recognition,...

Urugoli Media11th Mar 2021

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Chile: H.E. Candidate to the presidency request IHRC to stop the militarization

The new conquest of Araucania. The decision to send the military to Araucania is an act of the utmost gravity: for the first time since the return of democracy, their participation in crime control is justified. The consequences of taking this step could be terrible. This shows...

Urugoli Media5th Mar 2021

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H.E. Candidate Presidency of Chile, HOPE IS IN OURSELVES

There is a shadow of hopelessness in the world. The average citizen observes serious economic threats and an uncertain panorama in health matters. Along with that, it is affected by a political debate far from this reality, an absence of leadership on the part of the leaders, and a serious weakening of the institutionalism. The serious problems that current...

Urugoli Media5th Mar 2021

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By Franca Colozzo My interest in Kashmir in particular stems from the discovery, first of all, of a clear violation...

Urugoli Media3rd Mar 2021

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Covid19: Reshaping Manager Development to embrace Digital business in 2021

The pandemic has created a rare moment when leaders in business and learning and development are re-evaluating which components to continue in their manager development efforts with the rapid online pivot. They...

Urugoli Media9th Dec 2020

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What is the lesson of the Coronavirus?

By Franca Colozzo We woke up this morning in panic due to the drumming of news coming from Italy and the world.

Urugoli Media6th Dec 2020

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AFRICA: President Kagame joins Catholics from across the country

Today at the Kigali Arena, H.E. President Kagame joins Catholics from across the country to celebrate the first-ever Rwandan Cardinal, His Eminence Antoine Kambanda.

Urugoli Media5th Dec 2020

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“THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE PANDEMIC TUNNEL” How to deal with the pandemic crisis?

By Franca Colozzo I would like to present you opportunities to successfully ride the pandemic crisis. I will do my best by sharing some information with you that I think is worth looking at now that the crisis is raging worldwide. So I start with the words of a very famous mathematician,...

Urugoli Media10th Oct 2020

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Uganda:  A woman in her 70s try to find meaning in the new life she's living

Religion has been an invaluable support to many survivors of the conflict in northern Uganda. Jujina