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Gasabo, Rwanda: Women want to know further about breast cancer

As the Sustainable Development Goal 3.8 for Universal Health Coverage conveys, the health and well being of a population- a human right that should be provided to all- is paramount to the success of a nation. I Rwanda at least 650 patients were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, the majority of whom succumbed to the disease due to late diagnosis, according to the Ministry of Health.

The Rwanda Biomedical Centre promotes high quality, affordable, and sustainable health care services to the population through the delivery of evidence-based interventions. Otherwise, Some Women from Bumbogo, Kinyinya and Kimironko sectors in Gasabo District said that they know about the problem of cancer but some do not understand the cause of it. Some parents are no longer able to breastfeed their children for a period of 2 years.

I Rwanda at least 650 patients were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020.

Uwingeneye Yvette, a woman from Rindiro Village, Kibagabaga Cell in Kimironko Sector, urged to increase awareness of breast Cancer, asking officials to continue to explain to them the causes of the disease, to tell them the symptoms, so that they could go to medical care and help them early. “Breast cancer, I don't really understand what causes it and to find if not get infected.

I always hear people say it, someone I know is sick, their breasts are crying and it will kill them, they found out that it was over her, I don't know what is causing it, I ask my friends to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Some of my fellows does not know much on it , they may heard that when someone sees something in the breast, they have go to the hospital to check up and find out the cause "I also had a problem with my breast, which I think is cancer, so luckily finding shown that I had no problem. Thus, have seen some women who were sick and later it has killed them.”

Mukagasana Florence, who lives in Rindiro Village, Kinyaga Cell, Bumbogo Sector, when asked if she knows about breast cancer, said

“The cause of cancer is breast cancer. I don't know, I've seen some patients, I don't know how to prevent it. when they examine a person and find that has it, then next step can be to take care medical treatment, we request the researchers to tell us more and find out what causes it, therefore, women to find out what causes it and hold effective prevention. When a child is weaned, I feel it on the breast, if it is not weaned, I have no problem". She said

Baramuriza Germaine, the Health Advisor in Kinyinya Sector, said that cancer is found in small tumors. For those who are pregnant, self-diagnosis and early treatment is very important.

"Early diagnosis when you see something unusual on the breast is important, I have seen many patients with it at Kanombe Hospital". Parents commended to get checked immediately if there is something they don't know about their breast, to go at the health center and avoid going to Kinyarwanda medicine and instead go to the doctor.”

“Based on data from the National Cancer Registry, we are diagnosis around 55% of expected cancers in Rwanda. However, the incidence is expected to increase with current efforts in early detection and improved awareness. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells can results in tumor (“solid” cancers) formation. Such cancers then have the potential to spread throughout the body, which is a process known asmetastasis. However not all cancers present necessarily as tumors such as leukemia and some lymphomas (“liquid” cancers), Curing cancer requires eliminating all cancer cells. Thus, still challenges as major barriers, Poor awareness of population on cancer prevention, early consultation Late diagnosis Expensive cancer diagnosis and treatment services, Health Insurances not covering all diagnosis and treatment services, Availability of cancer services in health facilities, not all services are available, etc. Surgery (for local and local-regional disease), is Radiation therapy (for local and local-regional disease) Chemotherapy (for systemic disease), Other important methods include, Hormonal therapy (for selected cancers, eg, prostate, breast, endometrium).Currently in Rwanda, the Services in 5 hospitals (Butaro, CHUK, CHUB, RMH and KFH) Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. etc.” Said Dr. Francois Uwinkindi, Manager of NCDs Division, Rwanda Biomedical Centre.

Cervical Cancer screening and breast cancer early detection

“HPV DNA based screening strategy together with VIA triage. 16 districts out of 30 have functional cervical cancer screening and Breast cancer early detection program 28 Hospitals out of 50 hospitals, 284 out of 510 health centers, Cervical cancer screening coverage (30-49 yrs): 28%. Goal: by end of 2023, services available in all health facilities. It is usually not possible to know exactly why one person develops cancer and another doesn't. The direct causes are not known for the majority of cancers. Research has shown that certain patient characteristics and behavior, called risk factors, may increase a person's chances to develop cancer. Aging, Tobacco smoking, Excessive alcohol consumption, Unhealthy diet, Lack of physical activity, Radiation exposure, Chemicals and other substances, Some viruses (HPV, HIV) and bacteria, Certain hormones, Family history of cancer, Being overweight.” He added.

I Rwanda at least 650 patients were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020.

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