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7 steps a person should take to be successful

By Basanda Ns Oswald

There are 7 steps a person must take to be able to wake up, be sober, and no longer be a burden in human society, some of them are being physically fit, safe, having been given enough love, self-confidence, dressing well, then whether you have reached the goal of self-disclosure.

Odette Kantesi, the Director of Joint Others Rwanda (JOR) told the media that building a body without food causes problems including gossiping, some of the youth are unable to speak, some are due to poverty, most of them do not refuse, but because they do not understand.

The second step is security, being loved is important and being in a family that feels safe,

peaceful, loved, when he feels unloved, when people don't like him, and when he feels people don't like him.

The third step, people who don't know their origin, they are hindering their development, even though they may have a lot of money and wealth, their emotions are not good.

Body building, security and love, being confident, wearing the model you want, then a person is often confident of being characterized by good emotions, getting along well with others and

being praised by people in the family, those are the ones who are praised by the heart of the

home, these good fathers, good youth, because there are things they have been given in their

lives in their growth, and they have been well built.

When the goal is achieved, you don't have any emotional problems, that are the seventh step that you have achieved, by waking up slowly, you will achieve what you want or desire, that is when you dress well when you are trusted and become a good Minister.

You can be a good soldier, that is the necessary step, for good men and women, while they are sober, some unmarried men or women, maybe they have not reached these 7 steps, they are not able to be the heart of the home, they are not able to improve the agency they are responsible for, they are not able to achieve a certain goal.

``Know why'' is one of the programs of ``Joint Others Rwanda'', where they talk not for the purpose of counseling but to help people mentally, because people are lazy and lazy to think

about themselves.

Some of the ways to keep your body healthy include a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water,

having good hygiene, breathing fresh air, and exercising properly.

It is well designed, because when used well or poorly it is related to the emotions that

characterize a person.

A person also needs physical activity, including sports, recreation, because the body needs to

excrete the wastes that it stimulates.

What makes the body "successful" is to give it good water and know it, it takes great skill, it takes time and a good diet.

Bodybuilding solves the problems of child abuse, young people who do not take the initiative, many do not refuse, security, which allows you to generate income that enables you to meet your needs.

In the 3rd step which includes love and origin, some of those who don't know the origin get stuck, even if he is well, he doesn't know his origin and he doesn't have good feelings.

A confident person feels confident, can be seen wearing a model that suits him and wants, he is willing to wear this model, the last step of self-discipline, he is characterized by having emotions in all the work he wants to do and he does it with what he wants, what he wants and he does it well.

Those who make good wives, husbands and heads of their homes, leaders who can achieve the goals they want, have reached the 7th step of self-discovery, which is why these people take time to think about themselves.

Mme Odette Kantesi, she's commit toward women empowerment and entreprenership.
Mme Odette Kantesi with aim to promote women farmers through capacity buiding.

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