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Miss Rwanda: Contestants visit different parts of Kigali City

By Tuyisenge Yedidiya

On the third day of the retreat, which began on Monday, February 28, 2022, they visited various parts of the City of Kigali, including the Kigali Genocide Memorial, the Historical Museum of the Liberation and Genocide Struggle, and paid tribute to Biryogo

Visits to various parts of the City of Kigali, which started in Nyabugogo train where they had the opportunity to visit the sponsor's seat of the race, Volcano, and also to visit the places where people would take shelter in the bike.

In Nyabugogo, the contestants visited Volcano Express offices and saw firsthand how tickets are sold and interacted with staff.

Visited Nyabugogo Bus Terminal

It is not often that you will see Miss Rwanda finalists visiting a place as busy as Nyabugogo taxi park located downtown.

Business came to a standstill for a few minutes as everyone wanted to have a glance at the beauty queens.

The contestants had the opportunity to visit the bustling bus terminal where people heading to different parts of the country and suburbs of the City of Kigali get their means of transport.

Volcano Ltd is one of the key partners of Miss Rwanda, particularly on transport logistics.

Chantal Rwemarika, one of the business minds behind one of Rwanda’s outstanding transport service providers, said that Volcano partnered with Miss Rwanda after they realised that it is a good initiative that empowers girls.

“We realised that our contribution would be ensuring that the girls and the team have the best means of transport that make them feel comfortable. Comfort is key for them,”

“We have been able to interact with them and show them how we operate. We encouraged them to continue being confident because the fact that they went through the pre-selections phase means that they earned their place in the bootcamp” Rwemarika said.

She encouraged the contestants to be the best versions of themselves and to use the Miss Rwanda platform as a springboard to achieve their dreams.

The girls briefly took over the counters and issued tickets to travelers and excitement gripped the park.

“I was shocked to see a Miss Rwanda finalist issue my ticket. I love Volcano because it has new, neat and comfortable buses which keep time but this makes me happier,” said Pierre Harerimana, one of the passengers served by Miss Rwanda 2022 finalists said.

A call to get vaccinated against Covid-19

Still in Nyabugogo, the contestants visited the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) vaccination site where they encouraged travellers who are yet to be fully vaccinated to get the 3 jabs against Covid-19 for their own safety.

They left Nyabugogo to continue their journey to the Kigali Genocide Memorial on the Gisozi, then to the History Museum of the War to End Genocide.

The administration of Miss Rwanda says that the visit to the place is important and has benefited the girls as they all competed for the crown born after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

A date with history

Earlier in the day, Miss Rwanda 2022 finalists visited Kigali Genocide Memorial, where the remains of over 250, 000 victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi are buried, to pay tribute to them and were taught about the history of the Genocide.

The contestant took time to see the different sections of the memorial and the history behind each of the preserved memories, taking time to reflect on the difficult past the country endured and how similar atrocities can be avoided.

The day concluded with a visit to Campaign Against Genocide Museum located at Parliament where they were taken through the Rwanda Patriotic Front/Army (RPF/A) liberation struggle and how plans to stop the Genocide against the Tutsi were drawn.

Miss Rwanda contestants reach historic museum in anti-genocide campaign.
Miss Rwanda arrived in Kigali memorial site at Gisozi.
Miss Rwanda they had arrived in Nyabugogo train to visit the race sponsor.
In Nyabugogo, the contestants visited Volcano Express offices and saw first hand how tickets are sold and interacted with staff.

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