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RUSIZI: She has Made over 90 million francs from Handcrafts


Twagiramungu Martha has managed to develop herself through doing practical work like handcraft. She says she has been able to do this through following the advice of the head of state where he called on people to work hard and get themselves out poverty and its through this that she has managed to generate over 90 million francs she adds she has been able to train of over 80 and calls on all women and youth to do these kind of works.

She has been able to train of over 80 Women.

“ Through Hand craft works I have been able to develop myself after spending over47 years in a refugee camp in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo I loved my country so much that when I returned I learnt handcrafts work after listening to head of states message that called on us to learn how to work hard

I put in a lot of efforts to learn and so far I have gotten a house of 40million francs out of this work , I rear cattle worth around 15 million , I take my children to good schools and after seeing the good in it I have decided to teach others, I call on others not sit biut rather put in effort and learn to work and develop them selves ”

She calls on the young ones not wastes time but rather sit down and start working for their future.

“ I call upon young people not waste on things that don’t but rather concentrate on thing that develop our nation. If they decided to take the route I did they are rest assured of the market both here and outside the country .They should know that what we ,make is not enough for the market that why we have put it upon ourselves to teach others and they have managed to release the benefits of learning as my school for handcrafts has now a big number of students though they aren’t enough.” Iyakaremye Francine from Kamembe sector in Rusizi studied at her school and had this to say “ Am one of those that were taught by Martha and she employed , I now got out poverty as I work and earn money to cater for my well being and those close to me. I earn over 200,000 francs a month , My children go to school which was not the case i was living abd life after my husband left to beg to survive and cater for the children."

Crafts 's a constructive and positive contribution to boost Economic development growth

Iragena Francoise was also taught hand craft work by Martha and says “Martha taught me handcraft works and from that moment she has become my hero because she did when I had given up on life but now the work she taught me is now sustaining me and the whole family of mine, I can now take care of my four children with two of them already schooling and there none where else I get money apart from this hand craft work Martha taught me. Athe end of month I make not less than 100,000 francs in profit.”

Mukashema Dancille also from Kamembe sector was says “I given a job after receiving training from Martha says she took decision to learn crafting after casual laborer for a long time since the time I finished school and two years I now own over 20 pigs on top of building for my parents on top joining University were I pay for myself”

Rusizi District Mayor Kayumba Ephrem Says help women to develop is one of the issues that are main on the district agenda and apparently there has been very big achievements .“Because the district is one of the most visited by tourists we put in place program to teach women and youth vocational works like crafting so that they make items that are bought by the tourists who are very many here this gives our people money that help them to develop themselves. Mostly people who have learned crafting have been able to get out of poverty. Ever since they allowed to be taught they haven’t looked back” he said

Culture can creat a market for handcrafts and tourism development

Vocational work is one of the many works that is liked by the people of Rusizi district. Thos e who have learned and practicing are saying that they have managed to earn good money. That is the reason why the authorities have put much more efforts as they want to get their people out of poverty. Those who have nothing to do have also been asked to join them and Saturday and Start making these crafts.

Handicrafts are hugely important in terms of economic development. They provide ample opportunities for employment even with low capital investments and thus become a prominent medium for foreign earnings. . Presently, handicrafts contribute substantially to employment generation, and exports.

Crafts development can represent a constructive, positive contribution to the development of alternatives to resource-destructive agricultural practices, based on the provision of gainful employment. As the export market in handicrafts represents the highest earnings potential for artisans, knowledge of the marketplace is crucial, yet the Western marketplace is alien territory to most artisans. Of critical concern is the accessibility of market opportunities and any subsidized marketing programmes. Craft cooperatives, organized as a central buying exchange.

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