Urugoli Media1st Sep 2023

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World meets in Rwanda to name baby mountain gorillas and celebrate conservation

The world has met in Kinigi, Musanze at the foothills of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park to name 23 baby mountain gorillas in a global celebration of conservation and community-led efforts to protect their habitat....

Urugoli Media17th Jul 2023

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KIGALI, RWANDA:  The Women Deliver Conference 2023 (WD2023) commenced

Rwanda, uniting over 6,000 people from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise worldwide to advance gender equality. Women Deliver is a leading global advocate that champions gender equality and the sexual and reproductive...

Urugoli Media23rd Jun 2023

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Namibia looks to capitalise on natural resources, as it partners with Dutch firms

The partnership with aim to create Green-Hydrogen Sovereign Wealth Fund. State-backed firms from the #Netherlands have partnered with #Namibia to create a...

Urugoli Media15th Jun 2023

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Africa’s richest city is crumbling under chaos and corruption

Solomon Owa’s fingers work quickly as he speaks over the hum of his sewing machine. That’s because the hum of his sewing machine might stop at any moment. “In a few minutes, the #power will go,” he said.

Urugoli Media31st May 2023

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AFRICA Herbs to the WORLD: This beautiful and detailed map shows every herb grows native

In Africa and gives an idea of the countries and regions where the herb is most common: Birthplace of Man-(and Woman)-Kind! The second largest continent on Earth, Over 11 MILLION square miles and over 1.4 BILLION people!

Urugoli Media26th May 2023

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KOICA and KORAA Collaborate to Support affected people, damaged by heavy rain and landslide disasters at IPRC Karongi

On Sunday, May 28th, The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the government agency of the Republic of Korea for its grant and development cooperation, provided humanitarian support to affected people, damaged by heavy rain and landslide disasters at the beginning of May, in association with KOICA-Rwanda Alumni Association (KORAA)....

Urugoli Media24th May 2023

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Dry conditions expected in the northern parts of the Greater Horn of Africa

IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) today announced that the June to September (JJAS) 2023 forecast shows high chances of drier than usual conditions across the northern parts of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA). Accordingly, Djibouti, Eritrea, central and northern Ethiopia, western Kenya, northern Uganda, and much of...

Urugoli Media10th May 2023

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Germany, Kenya boost partnership on trade and green energy

Germany and Kenya pledged to strengthen cooperation on climate protection, #greenenergy and the exchange of workers after talks between Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President William Ruto in #Nairobi. ...

Urugoli Media5th May 2023

1 month ago13212
Kigali: Residents are required to know land use and planning

By Basanda Ns. Oswald Officials of the City of Kigali held a press conference, where they were informed about the plan of the City of Kigali in the vision 2050, that before building, the citizen must first know where he is going to put the work,...

Urugoli Media4th May 2023

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PM Dr. Ngirente is in Rubavu District, for the burial of victims of floods & landslides

In the past few days, particularly on 2-3 May, heavy rainfall hit the northern, western and southern provinces of Rwanda, causing floods, triggering landslides and leading to casualties and damage.

Urugoli Media23rd Apr 2023

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Africa Knowledge Exchange shares perspectives on protecting forests and fostering climate resilience

The Government of Côte d’Ivoire, the Climate Investment Funds and the African Development Bank Group held a four-day event to share knowledge from 15 years of the Fund’s interventions...

Urugoli Media10th Apr 2023

1 month ago10532
Boat with 400 migrants adrift off Malta with captain fleeing

AFRICA needs to take responsibility, Boat with 400 migrants adrift off Malta with captain fleeing and ‘nobody on board who can steer’

Urugoli Media8th Apr 2023

1 month ago16652
AFDB: When women and girls have access to water and sanitation, their safety is ensured

Solutions to addressing water shortages include dams and reservoirs, rainwater harvesting, aqueducts, desalination, water reuse, and water conservation. Rainwater harvesting and recycled wastewater also allow to reduce scarcity and ease pressures on groundwater and other natural water bodies....

Urugoli Media22nd Feb 2023

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Dry conditions highly likely to continue over the Horn of Africa during the March to May 2023 rainfall season..

After almost three years of persistent drought conditions, IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) today announced that below-normal rainfall is expected in most parts of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) over the next three months....

Urugoli Media16th Feb 2023

1 month ago15802
Kigali, Rwanda: Prime Minister Ngirente Inaugurates Iconic I&M Bank Green Building

By Emmanuel Respa Prime Minister of Rwanda, His Excellency Dr. Edouard Ngirente, has today inaugurated I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc’s iconic green headquarters building located in the heart of Kigali.

Urugoli Media3rd Jan 2023

1 month ago18542
NYARUGENGE MAGERAGERE: Citizens delighted CoK towards promised Roads implementation on track

By UMURERWA VESTINE The Government of Rwanda has previously commissioned a Kigali Conceptual Master Plan and Detailed Master Plans for Nyarugenge District as well as various other sub-areas of Kigali. The Kigali City Council now intends to develop...

Urugoli Media8th Dec 2022

1 month ago9872
Rwanda: Sorting waste properly as one of the ways to prevent hazardous waste   Buregeya

By Basanda Ns Oswald The people still have the problem of understanding the waste that is biodegradable, non-biodegradable and dangerous, where in homes, restaurants and hotels, hospitals, and industries, they do not understand how to distinguish them, which endangers the...