September, 25th 2023

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By Joshua Kwihangana

Rwanda follows a universal health care model, which provides health insurance through the mutuelle de santé. The system is a community-based health insurance scheme, in which residents of a particular area pay premiums into a local health fund, and can draw from it when in need of medical care.

20 people in more than 300 people who participated to the 2nd Community debate on the Women inputs to prevent the Plastic Items Effects on Climate Change that was organized by Urugoli Media were supported to get health insurance. This debate was possible due to the strong support of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) in partnership with United Nations Development Programe (UNDP over the Programme on Deeping democracy through strengthening citizen’s participation and Accountable governance (DDAG) this event was held in Kigali City at Gasabo District, Gasanze Cell, and Uruhetse Village.

Women in the developing world are predominantly responsible for management and conservation of resources for their families. Women spend vast amounts of time collecting and storing water, securing sources of fuel, food and fodder, and managing land. Their traditional knowledge provides natural solutions to energy, waste management, and agriculture.

In his speech, the Uruhetse Village leader expressed his gratitude to the guests (Urugoli Media) that in the name of the whole village of Uruhetse, they are happy for the visit, and he mentioned that they still have the problem the big number of people with no Medical Insurance (Mutuelle), because in their recent statistics, they found that they still have 900 families with no medical insurance which put them to the average of 40% in general.

He “said in our village we still have the challenge of the high number with no medical support which puts us to the average of 40% in general”.

Later Diane Mushimiyimana, the Managing Director of Urugoli Media started her speech by introducing to the attendees every member of the Urugoli Media and his /her role. She also continues by announcing that Urugoli Media will pay health insurance for 20 people in that Village.

She said” as Urugoli Media Managing Director, I am happy to say this to you that” we are going to pay mituelle for 20 disadvantage families in this area right now. Whereas promised, she did it before leaving the area.

She ended her speech by promising the Uruhetse Villagers that Urugoli Media will be always open to them anytime they need its service. Rwanda has one of the best organized health care systems in Africa. Because all citizens are able to obtain health care insurance for $2 per year. As the actual cost of care per citizen is between $14-20, with one half coming from government sources and the remainder from international donors.

What if Urugoli Media has tried to reduce the number of people with Mituelle de santé, currently, at least half of the people in the world do not receive the health services they need. Where about 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty each year because of out-of-pocket spending on health. This must change.

To make health for all a reality, we need: individuals and communities who have access to high quality health services so that they take care of their own health and the health of their families; skilled health workers providing quality, people-centered care; and policy-makers committed to investing in universal health coverage.

Universal health coverage should be based on strong, people-centered primary health care. Good health systems are rooted in the communities they serve. They focus not only on preventing and treating disease and illness, but also on helping to improve well-being and quality of life.

However, the government has made primary health care a priority to improve access to health services and make progress towards universal health coverage (UHC). Its goal is to ensure that by 2024, people need to walk less than 24 minutes to visit a health facility.

Some of the 20 families that were funded by Urugoli Media with social economic development officer of Gasanze sector. (Pic by Munyantore Eric).
Village leader, during his remarks (Pic by Yedidiya).
Diane Mushimiyimana, the Managing Director of Urugoli Media, during her remarks. (Pic by Munyantore).

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