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Germany, Kenya boost partnership on trade and green energy

Germany and Kenya pledged to strengthen cooperation on climate protection, #greenenergy and the exchange of workers after talks between Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President William Ruto in #Nairobi.

At a joint news conference, Ruto announced that Kenya will join a “Climate Club” established last year by the Group of Seven and said his government intended “to be a robust player in that space.” Scholz told a panel discussion that talks on increased access for Kenyan #farmproducts to the #EuropeanUnion have “reached very far” and that he supports promoting local #fertilizer production to lessen dependence on “one or two countries in the world.”

Scholz’s visit to Kenya and a stop in #Ethiopia on Thursday reflect a push to counter #Russian and #Chinese influence and draw #Africancountries into what he portrays as an alliance of like-minded democracies committed to tackling global warming.

He suggested production of “green” fertilizers in Kenya could help reduce dependence on suppliers such as Russia.

“Fertilizers and #greenhydrogen could be part of a process where we’ll have local production of fertilizers in #Africa, for instance, so the #continent isn’t so dependent anymore on the supply of one or two countries,” Scholz said.

Kenya 🇰🇪 is an #AfCFTA member country #UnitedUnderAfCFTA

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