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Kigali: Residents are required to know land use and planning

By Basanda Ns. Oswald

Officials of the City of Kigali held a press conference, where they were informed about the plan of the City of Kigali in the vision 2050, that before building, the citizen must first know where he is going to put the work, he should first understand the nature and purpose of the land.

Rushingabigwi Jean Bosco, the Director of Media Coordination at the National Governance Level (RGB) told the journalists to do in-depth stories about how the land should be managed, where the citizen should always be at the top, to protect him from always being judged in court cases. land and how to avoid corruption in the local government.

The director of the National Institute of Management, RGB, said that due to the heavy value of land, good management is important for those who have to do with the provision of land services.

Dr Mpabwanmaguru Merard, the Mayor of the City of Kigali and Deputy in charge of Housing and Infrastructure, said that it is the citizen's right to know detailed information about the master plan of the City of Kigali, showing how the days have been reduced in the beginning of document services of land, construction, repair and other documents needed by the City of Kigali.

He said, "When using the land, you must ask for the right and be given it, and know how to manage it safely and develop it, it can be taken away if you don't use it properly". Land in the city of Kigali, there is a place for industry, agriculture and breeding, business and others.

Residents were warned to beware of those who may deceive them for the purpose of fraud, because the permission to renovate, to build a fence, a fence and other 16 documents, that the money was given was removed, the time it took to receive them was reduced.

Solange Muhirwa, the Director of Planning of the City of Kigali, said that the master plan of the City of Kigali is a solution to the use of land, because there are places designated for industry, business, infrastructure, the way the land is used for what it is intended for, that if a person does not have What matters is that the land is not his own.

The Director of Planning of the City of Kigali testifies that the policy of construction, the land, the use of the land, that it is economic development and that the plan has already been improved, the people are encouraged to build towards the top (floor), because they are also expected to receive documents , because people are increasing but the land is not increasing.

Journalists are asked to educate the public through the media they work for, that the citizen must understand the inheritance even though it is not yet a law, that while one parent may no longer be there, his or her surviving children have the right to the property of one of the deceased parents equal to 25%, where it is one of the remaining parents can cover it alone with the newly married one.

Residents are asked to know that if someone wants to open an office in his house, if he has less than 5 employees, he should inform the local authorities and give him a permit, instead of asking him to rent an expensive place.

Traders working in Kigali City, in order to facilitate travel, there is a plan to build houses for them to live in, so that they can work near them, in order to reduce their travel.

Houses for low-income people will also be built according to the needs of everyone and the infrastructure is planned in terms of the environment, where the City of Kigali will look good, tomorrow, it will be avoided to live in slums that can put people and their families at risks.

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