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KOICA and KORAA Collaborate to Support affected people, damaged by heavy rain and landslide disasters at IPRC Karongi

On Sunday, May 28th, The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the government agency of the Republic of Korea for its grant and development cooperation, provided humanitarian support to affected people, damaged by heavy rain and landslide disasters at the beginning of May, in association with KOICA-Rwanda Alumni Association (KORAA). This activity is planned to support the Rwandan government's "Emergency Response Plan, May 2023 Landslides and Floods".

KOICA and KORAA organized a voluntary activity at IPRC Karongi, where damaged residents stay temporarily. KOICA and KORAA provided essential donations of food, education materials, and cleaning materials. In addition, the initiative included street cleaning activities and children-based educational classes, amounting to a total cost of around USD 5,000 (RWF 5,500,000).

Also, on May 18th, 2023, The Republic of Korea pledged humanitarian assistance of USD 300,000 (RWF 330,000,000) through UN system to support the flood-hit regions of Rwanda, aiming to facilitate the speedy restoration of stability in the lives of the affected people and aid in the recovery of damaged areas. Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced this generous contribution, reflecting the commitment of both nations to stand together and overcome the challenges posed by the natural disaster.

On Sunday, May 28th, the team comprising approximately 50 volunteers of KOICA and KORAA, headed by KOICA, Deputy Country Director Mr.YOO Jeehyun and Mrs.MUKASHEMA Adelphine, President of KORAA, visited IPRC Karongi and engage with the affected community. This collective effort symbolizes the shared commitment of both organizations to make a positive difference in their lives as well as a knowledge-sharing commitment.

This humanitarian volunteer activity at IPRC Karongi exemplifies KOICA Rwanda's unwavering dedication to supporting local communities during times of adversity. By providing essential supplies, engaging in street cleaning initiatives, and delivering educational classes, the team aims to bring relief and restore a sense of normalcy to the residents. Together, these organizations strive to significantly impact the lives of those affected by the natural disaster.

“By organizing this humanitarian volunteer activity, we wish to build community resilience against heavy rain and landslide disasters through our contribution to the IPRC Karongi to strengthen nutrition and sanitation outcomes”, said Mr. YOO Jeehyun, Deputy Country Director of KOICA Rwanda office.

Mrs. MUKASHEMA Adelphine, the President of KORAA, expressed gratitude to KOICA Rwanda for their support towards the families and residents staying in IPRC Karongi. She underscored the value of the humanitarian volunteer activity, describing it as an excellent idea that would inspire and encourage the community around IPRC Karongi to focus even more on the recovery of the residents.

Since 1991, KOICA has been implementing its grant aid programs in Rwanda, disbursing about USD 150 million through various projects and capacity-building programs. KOICA officially opened its Rwanda Office in 2011. KOICA currently has over ten ongoing projects in Rwanda in the education, agriculture and ICT sectors.

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