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NYARUGENGE MAGERAGERE: Citizens delighted CoK towards promised Roads implementation on track


The Government of Rwanda has previously commissioned a Kigali Conceptual Master Plan and Detailed Master Plans for Nyarugenge District as well as various other sub-areas of Kigali. The Kigali City Council now intends to develop Detailed Physical Plans for the other two Districts in Kigali, namely, Gasabo and Kicukiro, to achieve an integrated detailed plan for the entire City. While the direction of the City of Kigali has been set through these Master Plans, the City does not have an integrated transportation master plan to direct development in terms of transport.

However, Citizens in Mageragere Sector, Nyarugenge District, are pleased to the City of Kigali, for the ongoing roads constructions, which will Reduce traffic and lower journey times. Improve connections. Lower noise and air pollution in urban areas. Reduce collisions. The process of transporting goods or people from one destination to the other via roads. Otherwise have been challenged on the process of transporting goods to the markets, or people from one destination to the other via roads, du long journey Particularly in the rain seasons.

“Lack of the modern roads brought many challenges, we had to apply along journey to fulfill our business, and others matter which required us to move far from our home, mostly us aged. Infrastructure enables trade, powers businesses, connects workers to their jobs, creates opportunities for struggling communities and protects the nation from an increasingly unpredictable natural environment. This road will increase business opportunity and market, goods, customers and the production inclusiveness” Said Mrs. MUKANKWAYA Dorcella, a Citizens in Kavumu village, Mageragere Sector, in Nyarugenge District.

“It will be much more difference between old roads and the recent ongoing constructed roads. For I instance me as a farmer, used to carry my production goods while I was required almost 3 hours, to take them in Miduha, where we could access the potential markets and customers. While prevent to not pay highly prices of tickets at the Bus, and unfortunately it happened that at some time, I could return home with all the packages of goods due to that clients weren’t available, which moreover increase tiredness, as well as decreased production.” Said SINZINKAYO Fulgence, a businessman and farmer based in Kankuba Village, Mageragere Sector.

“Mentioned that Mageragere Sector, among others Sector in Nyarugenge District, in the City of Kigali, with lack of modern Roads accessibility. In fact, we were the latest to hold modern infrastructures, particularly Roads, therefore, we’re thankful. Also Has emphasized and urge the citizens on the major role to protect ongoing construction roads, also to plant flowers and trees which contribute to the roads management.” Norbert, in charge of wellbeing, in Mageragere Sector.


A comprehensive strategic road network would aim to provide seamless intermodal transport connectivity between transit modes, particularly between private and public transport. There is a need for private transport trips to transfer onto public transport, especially for trips heading into the Central Business District and Regional Centers. This would help alleviate congestion in the urban center. The sustainable network in Kigali would also be expected to serve the social aspects which would be required. Kigali is the major arrival point for tourists visiting Rwanda's national parks and tracking mountain gorillas, as well as bars, coffee shops and restaurants, etc. A sustainable transport network is one which is efficient and effective especially when considering environmental impacts of the system. In the context of Kigali.

Additionally, a sustainable transport network is one where the movement of people maximises the use of green trips, generally defined as walking and cycling trips. The Kigali Transportation Master Plan (TMP) intends to fulfil this role by providing a framework for the long-term development and expansion of existing transportation systems that will support the City of Kigali in an intelligent and a sustainable manner. Newly constructed roads in Kigali. These roads are part of Kigali Infrastructure Project (KIP) to build a 215 km road network and several bridges by 2024.The Transportation Master Plan is intended as a long-term strategic planning document for transport-related issues. This road contains 8km, scheduled its construction to get done by 2023, with budget of 10 Milliard Rwandan Francs.

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