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Rwamagana: Teen suffered sexual violence at 14, her father lies she’s 35

By Ingabire Alice Rugira

Violence against children is a fundamental violation of their rights. In Rwanda, 5 in 10 girls and 6 in 10 boys experience at least one form of violence, sexual, physical or emotional. Before age 18 children are most often abused by the people know; parents, neighbors, teachers and friends.

Chantal Keza, her names changed due to her personal security. She’s 17 and suffered sexual violence. She lives in Musha sector, Rwamagana district. She has been accused by her father to be mature enough to get married and that she is 35 therefore engaging her into sexual violence and manipulations.

After her father returned home from prison over crimes of Genocide against Tutsi in 1994 he started involving her daughter into sexual manipulation.

Currently, Keza Chantal’s17

Her Father has confirmed to the local leaders of Musha, in Rwamagana District, Eastern Province, that she’s 35. It has been barriers for Keza to seek out Justice. Otherwise, based on that she become a street beggar mostly in Rwamagana District. while searching how to feed her kid of 2’, also it’s still hard for herself and his Son to find where to stay, except that some night she used to sleep at any some neighbors’ kitchen, particularly during midnight.

Her Father returned home, when she was 7, where she was ready to start her Primary School. Contraly to her father who’ve started to torture and bitten her without tangible reasons, till she decided to run out for support among the neighbors, then after arrived at Ngabonziza, a business Man of local beer. She has been welcome in his family. Unfortunately, later she has been experienced a dark Journey, while head of that family involved her into sexual violence, and forced on unpaid home works, couldn’t attend school, unwanted pregnancy. To date at her17, she ‘ve a kid of 2,5, A son of her family neighbor, Mr. Ngabonziza. At 3’her mother died. She’s still seek Justice and supports to feed them.

Some local Leaders knew this her case

“I’ve requested his Id card, for instance to seek for health card, etc. He has feared to be taken in Jail. I really seek Justice.” She added

Though, V/M in charge of good governance at Rwamagana District, Umutoni Jeanne said that they are aware about Keza’s Case. Also added that she’s 35 and Musha sector accommodate a house for her. Otherwise, she’s still a beggar after fired by her grandmother who have been supported her since pregnancy.

“Keza, she’s not 17, we have checked that through her health card given by her father. They had accommodated a house for her, thus refused and choose to become a beggar, even some provided home materials she can’t sustain them. “V/M Umutoni Jeanne added

Nyirabuseruka Christine, a mother, based in Musha Sector said that she knew Keza, she’s my neighbor, she went at Ngabonziza family while she was 8, by searching protection there, but ended by worse disaster of sexual violence, etc. otherwise, as a teen, she faces sexual violence and unwanted pregnancy, thus she has been aged up to 35, while hiding the truth. There’s rumors that his Dad given corruption of 15,000 Rwf by Ngabonziza, with aim to hide facts and increases her ages.

GBV has been criminalized in Rwanda since 2008 and is currently under Law No 68/2018 of 30/08/2018, which defines four types of GBV: bodily, economic, sexual and psychological. Further, punishments for child neglect due to gender, marital rape, sexual violence and harassment of a spouse are outlined. Yet Recent study finds that over 50% of children in Rwanda are victims of sexual, physical or emotional violence.

The Government of Rwanda is committed to protecting children and youth from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Acknowledging a lack of relevant and comprehensive data, the Government conducted the Violence against Children and Youth Survey (VACYS) in 2015-2016. This study, supported by UNICEF Rwanda, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the International Development Research Center (IDRC), collected data from over 2,000 children and young people to understand the scale and nature of violence in Rwanda.

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