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Women testify commitment towards digitalization

By Basanda Ns Oswald

DigitALL Innovation and technology for gender equality," highlighting gender gaps in STEM education and careers and calling attention to the online harassment many women face. International Women's Day is also a reminder of the long road ahead.

International Women's Day was celebrated across the country where women celebrate their achievements in technology, especially women who work in the media profession in Rwanda, showing that there is still a gap of women who are still afraid to work in that profession of the media.

Byukusenge Annonciata is one of the female journalists who dared to work and establish a newspaper; she said "what we are happy about is that there is a step taken in the media especially .,l78y86for working women".

She said, "In 2010, when I entered the media profession when I was studying at the Central University of Rwanda, there was no woman in the media, but now there are more than 20 established media outlets and they are doing well, this is a great battle we have achieved to be proud of ."

Women working in journalism, some of them are working on "science stories” and they really like it even though they are few.

Ms. Henriette Uwanziga, Director (Admin) at the Association of Journalists in Rwanda (ARJ) also said that Female Journalists are at an interesting level In Rwanda.

Henriette went on to say that women working in the media profession are given the same rights as men in the profession, which makes them, put effort into it.

"Women should not expect respect from men, that's what was sought on Women's Day. Women should not always look at their husbands, because they are also capable, we must not pass our friends, because they are capable." Said Mrs. Scovia Mutesi, a Journalist.

The women in Nyagatare District have developed in technology, they testify that they have developed in technology, crafts, business and sewing where they sell what they have made using the skills they have and are able to support their homes.

On Twitter, they said, "We have developed crafts, trade and sewing, which have developed our communities."

It happened while the International Women's Day coincided with the launch of a week dedicated to promoting the principle of Equality in Eastern Province.

Through the campaign carried out by the National Women's Council, 15 families living illegally in the Nyagatare Sector in the Nyagatare District, committed themselves before the law.

In this event, the National Women's Council, in collaboration with its partners, supported the needy families in the Nyagatare District, giving 40 cows, 20 cooking gas, and 39 smart phones (Smartphones).

"Let me ask, let's get rid of the guns, let's fight poverty and develop". This is the message of Candari Peninna, one of the women who liberated the country, to other women on this International Women's Day.

Nyagatare District is the first district to celebrate the 2022 International Women's Day.

Some of the women working in the media include Kandama Jeanne, founder of the Organization of French-speaking Journalists (OPFR) and millecollinesinfos.com, Louise Uwizeyimana, owner of Intego news magazine, Diane Paula Mushimiyimana, owner of Urugoli media and others.

A different message was given to celebrate the International Women's Day, in the message given by BPR Bank, it was pointed out that women are the pillar of strength in the Nyarwanda community and in this bank, which has done this work in order to support women to continue to develop with the help of technology.

The Bank of Rwanda (BPR Bank), in collaboration with the National Women's Council, has donated technology equipment, in order to celebrate Women's Day. This activity is part of the strengthening of the bank's new mission called "For People for Better". It is an activity that will continue in other sectors during the week, in order to give women full rights in order to eliminate family conflicts.

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