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Muhanga: The RPF youth urged to use social media to contradict those who use its channels to distort the truth


The young people from across all the sectors of Muhanga district attended RPF Youth League congress held at St. Andre Kabgayi were told to use social media platforms by contradicting those who use these social media to distort the truth since the youth are more accessible to social media.

Muhanga RPF Youth congress. (photo by Josh)

Honorable Deputy KARINIJABO Barthélemy has said that the youth must condemn those who mock Rwanda, who spread false information about Rwanda on social media. ‘’Someone talks about things that are not relevant, that are not in the line of Rwanda, fight against them. You are not youth who are afraid of social media, we have network. Rwanda is one of the most advanced countries in terms of technological infrastructures, use it for not only development but also for defending our country’’ .Hon KARINIJABO Barthélemy said.

‘’You should not sit and watch someone sitting in America writing on social media false news that happened in Muhanga and we Rwandans are there, we know the truth but we cannot contradict him, we just read it and leave. So you young people you have to use social media too in contradicting those people’’ .Hon.KARINIJABO added.

RPF chairperson in Muhanga district, Mayor Jacqueline Kayitare said that the youth have the task for saying the truth on social media without even waiting to contradict those who say false news. ‘We are not only responsible for contradicting those who write and say false hood but also we should speak the good and it is there and you can do it even though there are some of you who don't have this technology, but the majority are accessible to social media platforms’’.

“If we see all your efforts on social media to silence those who lie about Rwanda and its president, you will certainly be making a good contribution’ ’Chairperson Jacqueline added.

Emelyne Murekeyisoni, one of the youth attended the congress said that she encourages her fellow youth to use the social media platforms to contradict those who use these platforms in spreading false news about Rwanda. “The world is progressing in terms of technology, you will find that many things are shared on social media and the youth have access to it, what I encourage you to do is to condemn those who spread ideas that destroy the unity of Rwandans”.

The general congress of RPF youth has been absent for three years due to the covid 19 pandemic and this year’s theme was “Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development”.

Muhanga RPF Youth congress. (photo by Josh)
Muhanga RPF Youth congress. (photo by Josh)

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