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The World Talent Economic Forum and CollatEd Lab AFRICA to enhance economic recovery

By Anne Muhiza

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Covid 19 hits the world, and many new ideas and thought process has emerged. The discussion will be the focus on the public-private partnership when the economy is introducing new policy so that the world promptly recovers the losses.

The World Talent Economic Forum and CollatEd Lab -AFRICA are arranging an International Conference on 1st December 2021. The conference will run for four consecutive days with different topics. President WTEF (World Talent Economy Forum) Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana will host the program. Due to the situation, they are using stream yard to conduct the program.

It is commendable to note that this conference will be the second international conference organized by WTEF. Last month they also successfully finished their first conference named Dubai expo 2020. Mr. Sharif also runs a forum every week, Monday to Friday, for an hour.

The topic of 1st December 2021 is “Covid-19 and PPP Contracts”. And the time will be (10 PM Malaysia Time)

The name of the respectable speaker is

1. HON. Prof. Festus Irungu - Mount Kenya University Rwanda (MKUR). 2. Mr. Sylvain NZOHABONAYO-Chargé d’Affaires a.i- BURUNDI Embassy in Rwanda. 3. H.E Amb. Mrs. Aishatu Aliyu MUSA-High Commissioner - NIGERIAN HIGH Commission to Rwanda.

4. David J Kelly- CEO- AGI Lab 5. Dr. Fred Phillips-President-Tando Inc

6. Dr. Nkwanyang Lionel Takem, University of Bamenda Cameroon Faculty of science department of geology mining and environmental science. 7. Prof. Mammo Muchie, founded the African Journal on Science, Technology, Innovation and Development (AJSTID).

8.Naftal Dineinge Kambungu, Organisation: Vice President. World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY). 9. IVAN Viadcfa, Founded Young Political movement, Sierra Leonne 10. Hon. Clare AKAMANZI, CEO ,RDB. 11. James NKUBITO, CollatEd LAB -AFRICA. 12. Maneo Mapharisa , CEO Girls Coding Academy,Etc

The purpose of the event is to include findings that can help to build fruitful research on how Covid 19 situation has an impact on public-private partnership. The famous speaker will briefly explain the topic and they are trying to make a solution for the developing nations.

However, the number of COVID-19 cases and fatalities might still appear comparatively low in Africa than in other world regions, the looming health shock of COVID-19 could have disastrous impacts on the continent's already strained health systems, and could quickly turn into a social and economic emergency. Beyond health risks, the COVID-19 shock to African economies is coming in three waves: (i) lower trade and investment in the immediate term; (ii) a demand slump associated with the lockdowns in the European Union and OECD countries; and (iii) a continental supply shock affecting domestic and intra-African trade. It is shaking commodity-driven growth models that had largely failed to create more and better jobs or improve well-being.

Some exceptions from participants.

Gaudence Ishimwe said « I expect from this dialogue the increase of investments in Africa because of this partnership between countries and investors. And I also expect from that dialogue the empowerment of women in entrepreneurship and technology because when a woman in empowered, a family is empowered and the country as well. »

Carine Nanalngar Roy-Allah said « I expect coming up of new strategies of improving women’s technology for their economy recoveries by providing some trainings about entrepreneurship »

Maneo Mapharisa a speaker on 3rd December 2021 about ICT for Women Entrepreneurs in Innovation and Job Creation Said «I will talk about my journey in ICT especially in Lesotho since my business is based in Lesotho. Talk about affiliations i have internationally in Africa and other continents »

Africa, the most severely affected region of the world in 2021. Though, On the continent, the economies that have been hit the hardest by the crisis will take longer to get back to normal. which were severely impacted in 2020 by the drop in the demand for energy, etc.

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