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Written by Joshua KWIHANGANA

President Paul Kagame has announced that Rwanda continues to see significant benefits in cooperation with Arsenal F.C. of England and Paris Saint Germain of France, contrary to the fact that there are those who say that the money invested in them is inappropriate, and that it plans to enter into cooperation with another major team has not announced the name.

In May 2018, Rwanda signed a three-year contract with Arsenal, aiming to promote Rwanda as a destination for investment and tourism.

In 2019 an extension was decided, and it was announced on 14th May 2021 when Arsenal F.C unveiled their new kit.

Mbape and Neymar (Psg players) Wearing Visit Rwanda Jerseys during training.

Later, on December 4, 2019, Rwanda signed a three-year partnership agreement with Paris Saint Germain (PSG) of France, where the word Visit Rwanda appears on the team's training and pre-match uniforms. Games at the Parc des Princes.

During a press conference on Wednesday

President Kagame was asked about cooperation with Arsenal in promoting Rwanda, through Visit Rwanda.

He said, "We had a good partnership with Arsenal, which is getting better and better, the people responsible for this investment can clearly say how many people have come to know Rwanda because of it, the number of people who have come to Rwanda, how much they have invested in Rwanda, far more than what we have invested in this partnership."

H.E. President Kagame.

"We have invested something in this partnership, and we are getting more from it. Yes, some people say no, and people who act like that are not ignorant or missing something, it is taking things badly that Rwanda is wasting money... who told you that? I know what we put in, I know what we leave, and now you want to tell me a story, and you want people to believe you more than they can believe me."

President Kagame also said that as a fan of Arsenal F.C, the better the team is doing towards the championship; it is in the interest of Rwanda.

Arsenals are currently leading the Premier League table with 60 points after 25 games, followed by Manchester City with 55 points.

It is something that President Kagame said would bring great benefits to the cooperation of both sides.

President Kagame continued, "This is the agreement we have with Paris Saint Germain, including the differences but they are just the same, we are going to have another famous team in football, so if we work with one team, come another, know that we know what we're after. It's not a waste of money."

President Kagame announces Rwanda is about to sign new big deal with another European big club.

President Kagame did not announce the team that is negotiating with Rwanda so that the two sides would interact. Only since Rwanda signed the contract with PSG and Arsenal, it is said that various European clubs have started approaching and asking to work together.

News reaching Urugoli.com testifies that the new team Rwanda is going to work with may be the one in Germany and that FC Bayern Munich is the most likely.

It is said that a few days ago when there were World Cup games, some of the leaders of Rwanda met with the leaders of Bayern Munich, discussing the way of cooperation.

The former Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Shema Maboko Didier, in August 2019 announced that there are many teams approaching Rwanda looking for cooperation. He said, "The government has been approached by the clubs that have expressed their desire for cooperation based on sports. However, there are no discussions to be approved."

Mbape and Neymar (Psg players) Wearing Visit Rwanda Jerseys during training.

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