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In the meeting room of Saint Andre Hotel, located in Muhanga District, Southern Province, the General Assembly of the Youth League, which is part of the FPR INKOTANYI Organization, was held after a long time. Due to COVID – 19 pandemic. The RPF-Inkotanyi Youth League General Assembly was not happening in the past three years.

This General Assembly was officially opened by the Chairperson of the RPF in Muhanga District, Madam Kayitesi Jacqueline who is currently the mayor of Muhanga District.

In her remarks to the leaders of the RPF -Inkotanyi Youth League, the Chairperson appreciated the participation of the Youth in this General Assembly, requesting that the resolutions adopted in this Assembly will be implemented by everyone with their participation. And she said the main aim of this assembly is youth empowerment in sustainable development, we choose this theme because we have the delay of 2years because of COVID -19 Pandemic, so we don’t want youth for only by the name, but we want youth who works hard to bring change that can lead to the development of the country, we are so many to achieve this because in Muhanga we count twelve thousand youths in the whole District which means we have one thousand youths per each sector. She added”

In this assembly the attendees of this meeting reviewed together the activities carried out between the year of 2019-2022 and what they plan to do in 2022-2023. This presentation was given by the Chairman of the Youth Association in Muhanga District,

One of the members of the RPF-Inkotanyi from Nyamabuye Sector, Philbert Mbonigaba, Told ICK news that the fact that they meet again and talk has the benefit of training each other again, and having lessons that will improve the members and Rwandans in general. ‘He says that in order to achieve everything, the members should continue to care and try to have good behavior that will improve other members of RPF –Inkotanyi.

After the talks, the participants were given the opportunity to give their opinions, where many of ideas given by youth would lead to working together, increasing knowledge in the Community by starting with the youth in school and improve the welfare of all Rwandans.

This General Assembly was attended by the members of the Youth Association at the District and Sector, volunteers, student leaders in the universities of Muhanga, leaders of the task force of the community in the Universities operates in Muhanga and the representatives of the Youth Cooperatives in the District.

Participants. (photo by Josh)
Chairperson of the RPF and at the same time Mayor of Muhanga District. (photo by Josh).
Participants are very committed.

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