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Botswana: Lucara, Another HUGE Diamond has recovered a 692.3 carat

Diamond from its Karowe mine in #Botswana, the second MASSIVE rough from the deposit this month. The white, type IIa stone came from the EM/PK(S) unit in the south lobe, known for its large, high-quality rough, Lucara said Monday.

The miner found the diamond via its XRT unit, which uses X-ray #technology to identify HUGE stones in large pieces of ore before they get broken up.

The new discovery is the fourth diamond over 300 carats that #Lucara has unearthed so far this year, including one earlier this month: a high-quality white, type IIa rough weighing 1,080.1 carats, which the miner announced on August 8.

In addition, “this stone is the 20th diamond larger than 100 carats recovered during 2023 at Karowe,” said Lucara CEO William Lamb. “The recovery of large diamonds from the EM/PK(S) lithology of the south lobe strongly supports our expectations for the underground project.”

Lamb, who replaced Eira Thomas as CEO earlier this month, will lead the continued development of Karowe’s underground expansion. The miner invested $683 million in the project, which it believes will extend the mine’s life until at least 2040, 15 years beyond the original 2025 closure date.

In its most recent results, Lucara announced a 21% drop in its second-quarter revenue to $41.1 million amid a slowdown in market demand. Profit slid 60% to $5 million.

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