Urugoli Media6th Feb 2023

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Rwanda and Republic of Korea sign 9.5 million US Dollars Project to Reduce post harvest losses of Horticulture Produces in Rwanda

By Anne MUHIZA Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) on behalf of the Republic of Korea and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning on behalf of Republic Rwanda signed...

Urugoli Media12th Sep 2022

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by Joshua Kwihangana European Union and the European Business Chamber of Rwanda is committed to boost and promote incoming European businesses coming into Rwanda, …

Urugoli Media6th Sep 2022

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With eight years left to 2030, bold actions are required for Africa to feed herself

Promising progress is being made in Africa’s agricultural transformation. On my recent mission to Malawi, I witnessed the plans to create an Agricultural Transformation Agency in the country, a significant milestone in the journey towards fast-tracking transformation of the continent’s...

Urugoli Media27th Jun 2022

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Mid Evaluation conducted for KOICA Ultra Poor Graduation Project for Women Headed Household

By Anne Muhiza Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Rwanda office conducted a Mid-evaluation for the KOICA “Ultra Poor Graduation Project for Women Headed Households”; From June 23 to 24, 2022, in Rutsiro and Rwamagana districts, a project that is implemented in partnership with World Vision and The Better World with a grant of 2.7 million US Dollars from KOICA Rwanda, which is approximately 2.7 billion RWF. The project’s aim is to...

Urugoli Media28th Jan 2022

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Food insecurity soaring across 20 hunger hotspots

Food insecurity is soaring across 20 countries and regions - “hunger hotspots”, where conflict, economic shocks, natural hazards, political instability, and limited humanitarian access, are putting millions of lives at risk, UN agencies highlighted on Thursday....

Urugoli Media10th Nov 2021

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KOICA Rwanda Office hosts Knowledge Sharing Program for Increasing Income of Agricultural Cooperatives and Small Holder Farmers Project

By Manzi Eric Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), which is the aid agency of the Korean government, held a knowledge sharing program called, ‘Knowledge Sharing for Increasing Income of Agricultural Cooperatives and Small Holder Farmers’ at different...

Urugoli Media1st Sep 2021

5 days ago15652
Nigeria: How Solar Powered Cold Storage Eliminates Food Loss and Bolsters Resilience

A lack of cold storage causes food loss, contributing to climate change and costing farmers revenue. Solar-powered cold rooms enable farmers in Nigeria to store produce at cooler temperatures, reducing food loss and strengthening the region’s agricultural infrastructure....

Urugoli Media17th Dec 2020

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Desert Locust assault threatens millions across Horn of Africa

New Desert Locust swarms are forming in the Horn of Africa, threatening agricultural livelihoods and the food security of millions of people, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned on Wednesday. ...

Urugoli Media28th Oct 2020

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Fisherwomen in Lake Kivu yield dropped due to Covid19

The processing sector also faced closures due to reduced/lost consumer demand. Therefore, many business fall and income decreased ,also some business women become Jobles.

Urugoli Media27th Oct 2020

5 days ago9832
Karongi: Fruits business yield declined due to Covid19

The spread of novel coronavirus began before the harvest season for most fruits,growers could not conduct. Also it causes has had unprecedented impacts on all food markets, including the market for fruits. However, some of fruits farmers and sells from Gitesi and Gishyita Sectors, Western Province, Rwanda,...

Urugoli Media11th Oct 2020

5 days ago7992
Covid19: Vegetables farmers of Kinyinya face the loss

Consumers seem to be changing their purchasing habits due to confinement, side effects of the containment measures to combat the pandemic are spreading and affect the vegetables farmers in Gasabo, Kinyinya sector, in different ways farmers face covid19 challenges. After the Corona pandemic brought...

Urugoli Media11th Oct 2020

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Gasabo/ Jabana: Covid19 decreased Fruits trades to 60%

The spread of novel coronavirus, SARS‐CoV‐2, and the COVID‐19 disease it causes

Urugoli Media11th Oct 2020

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Due to the closure of restaurants, bars, and schools, produce growers and distributors were forced to shift supplies almost entirely from the foodservice to the retail channel. Shippers reported labor and logistical constraints in making the change. During the lockdown their family’s progress was hindered...